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Hibernation 1 November, 1997

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Very little of any note has happened at all really. Pulled the bike apart ready for it’s winter hibernation. Carbs in the airing cupboard, fairing and airbox in the spare room, tank in the loft etc. etc. At least this has been a cheap month


In the process of trying to sort out my sponsorship and stuff for next year I get an interesting call from Alan Edwards, the race photographer chappie. He asks me to call John Atwood with regard to setting up an official bemsee web site. Despite numerous efforts I fail miserably, so the idea has kind of fallen by the wayside. Shame. The rest of my sponsorship pleas are falling on stony ground too. The only notable exception is the Hillingdon Tandoori. Thanks chaps.

Got a note from Mark Walford, the 1997 TZR series winner (by a country mile). Among other things, he’s thinking of moving up to another class and will probably be getting shot of both his TZRs. If I can scrape up the cash, it’d be good to have them a) as a roadbike and b) as a source of spares in case mine goes bang again. On second thoughts, there’s no way on this earth that I can get that amount of cash in a hurry, so I’ll try and stump up enough for just the road bike. It’ll still be a useful supply of spares, and at least it means I’ll be back on the road again.

And that’s really about it for this year now. Wonder what next year holds for me? I’m resigned to having a bloody big accident somewhere, sometime. But first, I guess I’d better tot up how much this lot has cost me this year…

Medical £25
ACU License £21
Novice jacket £5
BMCRC membership £15
Bike + spares £1500
Tow bar £130
Trailer £100
Lydden entry £65
Spares £70
Dog tag £4
Fuel can £5
Measuring cylinder £4
Batteries £30
Another fuel can £5
Pembrey entry £65
Fire extinguisher £20
Knee sliders £20
Fuel £12
Carb spares £50
Brands Hatch entry £75
Leathers £750
Engine rebuild £445
Gearbox oil £5
Plugs £13
Silverstone entry £30
Dyno time £75
Plugs £12
Total £3551

There’s a fair bit more to go there as well – fuel to get me to/from the meetings, driving up to Crowtree etc. probably adds up to another couple of hundred quid. I had a new visor at some point in the season, I rebuilt all the electrics on the trailer, and I haven’t accounted for all the fuel used at the races. Bloody hell. No wonder I’m skint. Oh well, at least next year I won’t have to buy the bike/leathers/trailer. Hopefully I won’t have to pay for another engine rebuild halfway through the season too.


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