I’m trying to sort out what meetings I’ll be attending next year, and have run into a dilemma. Do I do them all and put myself in lots of debt or miss out on some of them, as I’d planned? I thought it would be easy to miss a few and just enjoy the ones I entered, but now I’m not so sure. I think I’ll enter the first five or so, and see how it goes. If I do enter all the rounds, it’ll cost £1260 in entry fees just for the TZR rounds. I’m sure a few things will crop up that stop me entering all rounds though. Like my mates stag night on 28th March, scuppering plans for the meeting at Lydden that weekend.

Renew my ACU and BMCRC membership. Apparently this year I’m no longer a novice, I’m now an ‘intermediate clubman’.

Sent off entry for Brands on 1st March. Again, I’m only entering the three TZR rounds as I want to concentrate on them this year. Running in the SS250 at Silverstone was good fun, and if I find some spare money at some point in the season I might do it again. Until then, however, I’m concentrating on the TZR rounds.

Well, I’ve finally decided to get serious about this racing thing… In an effort to convert myself from an unfit hyperventilating blob at the end of the day I’ve taken up swimming. This is all well and good in theory, but I cannot swim. Anyway, I’m getting good exercise flailing around in an effort to stop myself drowning. I’ve also decided to make a concerted effort on the TZR rounds to such an extent that I’ll be entering all meetings with the exception of Lydden on 28th/29th March (unless my friend Zia cancels his wedding). And, in one final display of unparalleled enthusiasm, I’ve brought myself Mark Walfords old road going TZR. This has several advantages… 1) A good source of spares 2) Scrubbing in race tyres 3) Get me back on the road

Off to the Ally Pally bike show to replace my aging lid and gloves. It would be nice to have a new pair of boots too, but I just don’t have the cash right now. Maybe later in the year.
Cost so far:
ACU license: £21
BMCRC membership: £15
Race entry fee: £75
New lid: £170
New gloves: £40
Brake pads: £24


Book up a couple of practise days… Eeeeeeek! Only just into Feb and already I’ve spent exactly £500. And I still need a set of tyres.

At last, some good news… I’ve got sponsorship from Lloyd Lifestyle (more info on my sponsors page soon now) for leathers, lid, gloves and boots. This makes me feel much better. For my part of the deal, I have to tell them where and when I race, and how I get on. Oh, and send the stuff back at the end of the season to make sure I don’t sell it.
Cost so far:
Practise Lydden, 21st Feb: £65
Practise Cadwell, 23rd/24th July: £90