How much?


Due to my recent engine problems, and the fact that I’ve now only got one working engine, I’ve decided to strip my road bike to make a spare rolling chassis ready for next season. Whilst it would be nice to put another engine in there to have a complete spare race bike I just don’t have the money at the moment. However, I have shelled out for another spare crank, just in case…
Cost so far:
Crank (second hand): £75

Also, in an attempt to get myself ready for nest season I’ve joined the local gym. I started this season with the best of intentions by going swimming every week, but that initiative fell by the wayside when I moved to a small town in the fens with no swimming pool. Ah well.

Much as I don’t want to, I guess that now would be as good a time as any to tot up just how much this season has cost me…

ACU license £21
BMCRC membership £15
Entry fee (Brands Hatch) £75
New lid £170
New gloves £40
Brake pads £24
Tyres £200
Practise fee (Lydden) £65
Practise fee (Cadwell) £90
Entry fee (Pembrey) £105
Entry fee (Snetterton) £70
Entry fee (Lydden) £105
Entry fee (Oulton) £80
Wheel bearings £60
Practise fee (Pembrey) £45
Fuel £25
Entry fee (Croix) £105
Entry fee (Snetterton) £70
Oil £13
Fuel £12
Ferry to Croix £65
Practise fee (Croix) £30
Fuel £13
Plugs & caps £21
Brake pads £12
Practise fee (Oulton) £45
Fuel £15
Practise fee (Oulton) £25
Oil £13
Pistons etc. £150
Entry fee (Cadwell) £115
Spares £30
Fuel £10
Tyre £109
Oil £13
Gear Lever £5
Entry fee (Mallory) £70
Entry fee (Snetterton) £115
Entry fee (Silverstone) £70
Spares £71
Fuel £15
Cable ties £2
Battery charger £15
Chain £30
Spark plugs £15
Chain lube £7
Hubs for trailer £25
Oil £13
Spark plugs £14
Beer money for the bloke who pumped up my tyre £2
Fuel £15
Fuel £15
Fuel hose £5
Lydden spectator entry £14
Engine rebuild £630
Dodgy electrical connectors £3
Crank £75
Total £3282

And that is as cheap as is possible I reckon. There’s still a few quid to go on there for various bits & pieces, fuel etc. that aren’t accounted for. I’ve done the whole season on two rear tyres, and one front. (Although to be fair, I did swap it with the tyre from my spare bike mid way though the season. Bet Mick Doohan doesn’t have to do that).

And so what of next season? Well, from a financial perspective, I’ll have the spare chassis kicking around just in case I get punted into the gravel again. This will be a great benefit. I’d like to, if at all possible, get an engine sorted as well. I need another crash helmet (or two). I also need tyres desperately.

From a personal point of view, this season has been one of highs and lows. Highs? Scrapping with Nick and Simon at Oulton. Sitting in a field in France eating from a barbie in the company of some good friends. My first trophy. Finishing 5th. Lows? The weekend in Pembrey. Blowing up another engine. Lying in Queen Marys with a suspected pelvic fracture. As for next season, I can’t wait.

Well, the plan to rebuild a spare chassis has so far, been relatively painless. The first task was to strip everything down, and make a list of what needs replacing. The fork seals and bushes will need doing, so they go on the list. The only major surprise was to find out that the swingarm, shock and linkages on the spare bike are from a reverse cylinder model TZR, and as such, are illegal to use. Not to worry though, as I’ve got a spare swingarm and linkages. I’ll need all new bearings and bushes though, so these go on the list too. Aside from the suspension bits, everything else has a clean bill of health so far. I’ve stripped the electrics down to the bare minimum, removed the speedo, and all unnecessary brackets and lugs on the chassis. I have a feeling that when I’m done with this chassis, I’ll transfer the engine from the current race bike and build it up around this one. That way I can guarantee that all the suspension linkages are new and lovely.
Cost so far:
Suspension spares: £160