Tragedy at Cadwell

Sunday, 1st August

Another day in the garage making final preperations for next weeks outing at Cadwell. I’ve geared down to 14/43 this time, as Cadwell has some lovely twiddly bits. Also fitted a gear lever direct to the gearbox output shaft to replace the Heath-Robinson contraption that Yahama see fit to specify as standard. I’ve got no idea what bike it came from originally, but with a little modification from a size 1 Yamaha adjusting tool (6lb lump hammer) it fits pretty nicely.

I also agonised about removing the rear half of the subframe to save a bit of weight. I got as far as remounting the YPVS unit, CDI unit and fuse box out of harms way, then at the last minute decided against it. Why? Basically because it will leave the rear part of the set unit completely unsupported, and seeing as I already have tyre marks all the way down it from an unprovoked LC assault, I’d rather keep the strength. Call me a coward, but I like the idea of having the seat unit firmly attached to the bike while I’m sitting on it.

Cost so far:
Gear lever: £2

Well, there’s a big hole in this diary here for several reasons, not least of which is my wedding/honeymoon, which took up the latter part of the month. However, I guess something needs to be said about Cadwell. It’s hard to be philosophical when you see someone killed pursuing the same goals as yourself, but it needs to be dealt with. It has to be said, at the moment, I’m not really dealing with it very well, and I’d rather close this chapter here.