More new toys

Wednesday, 9th August

Well, in what appears to be rapidly becoming a tradition there’s another large gap at the start of the month here. This time though it’s purely as I’ve been so busy at work and getting things ready for this weekends bemsee and MRO rounds at Cadwell.

My old TZ has now gone to Charlie, so I’m back down to just the single bike in the garage again. Oh, and while I think of such things, a few people have asked for a photo, so here goes:


I just hope I can do it some justice. I’ve hardly had to touch it since picking it up. All I’ve done is checked the jet sizes, polished it up, removed the #7s, and added a laptimer. And I’ve had to order some new spacers from Dave Hammond Racing for the rear wheels. Top marks also to Cambridge motorcycles today for fitting some tyres FOC for me. Thanks chaps.

As far as the actual racing goes, I’m more nervous about this weekend than I have been in a long time. I’m considering this to be a good thing. Complacency has it’s places, but a racetrack isn’t one of them.

Thanks to a dreadful pile of bollocks called FreeFTP (I suppose you get what you pay for) I have lost this months diary completely, including my racing at Cadwell and Snetterton.

Suffice to say it all went rather well. Very well in fact. I think I got a 6th or something at Snett which is far and away my best result in the GP250 class.