Back again

Wednesday, 27th September

Been a long time, hasn’t it? It’s now about a month since I last wrote anything here, and there’s a fair bit to write about. Most of this will probably have happened last month, so details will be a bit sketchy.

Firstly, I’ve got a piccie from Cadwell to put on display for public ridicule and pillory:


The racing was, erm, rather forgettable really, as I’ve forgotten everything already. However, I did manage the feat of qualifying for the MRO round first time out on the new bike and setting a personal best lap time, so it can’t have been all bad. In fact, I’ve every reason to feel pleased with myself.

And so to Snetterton. Far and away my best performance in the GP250 class, culminating in a 6th place. OK, so some of the top boys weren’t there, but I don’t care. I rode my spuds off, comprehensively getting the better of many people I normally struggle to stay with. Don’t ask me what the lap times were, ‘cos I can’t remember. I did take 3 out of 3 over Scotty though, which was very pleasing.

And then on to Brands… I was earnestly looking forward to this one, but an accident involving a large and friendly 600 rider and the decision whether to have muffins or crumpets for tea left me with a broken wrist 2 days before the race. This was a major annoyance, as I’d just had personal tuition around the circuit on a Ducati 748 as part of the Brands Hatch Ducati Experience. (Thanks again to Team Mojo, whose sponsors provided me with the chance to go and do this). I rode well, scoring a perfect 100% record on the day, and learning some good new lines at Paddock.

Dammit. I was more than a little upset about this at the time, and tried everything to get into the race. Sadly the inability to pull a clutch lever stopped me from even starting.

So, what else? Um, in a bid to recapture some of the fitness I had at the start of the season I’ve taken up rock climbing. This must rate as the most pointless sport in the world, seeing as I live in the fens, but it’s bloody good fun. I’ve also secured a late entry for the next bemsee round at Brands on October 8th, so I’m staying well away from 600 riders on October 6th.