Project Fast Hamster

Wednesday, 24th July

Well, the sabbatical is going nicely, if a little slowly… I’ve managed to placate the bank manager with the sale of all my spares, but the bike is still sitting in the garage waiting to be sold. However, the middle of the season isn’t the best time to be selling a race bike, so I’m not too unduly worried by this.

And, despite being on sabatical, I have managed to get another race in at Brands Hatch on a borrowed ‘prilly RS250. This was an epiphany for me in one important respect: I learned that I didn’t need to be racing a GP bike to have fun. In fact, I had more fun on the production Aprilia than I’ve had on a GP bike for some time now, mainly because I wasn’t terrified to open the throttle… So, with this in mind, Project Fast Hamster was born.

Looks like the race diary might be getting busier again in the coming months.

2013 Postscript: I dug up this old photo of the ‘prilly at Brands, being chased by John Horgan at Hawthorn. He got me in the end, so I had my revenge later in the evening when I started making water rockets and firing them across the garage at him.


2013 Postscript the second: Another photo of the ‘prilly. Perhaps I should have spent more time racing it, as it seems to have attracted the photographers.