Future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades

Tuesday, 12th November

Well, I guess the large gap over the past few months could be construed as laziness on my part, but that wouldn’t be strictly true. Whilst I’ve not actually been racing (much…) the plans for the future have been taking shape in the form of Project Fast Hamster and a one-off supermoto race in a couple of weeks at Brands.

I’ve also had my hair cut, which will come as a greater suprise than the unexpected retirement to those that know me.

So what of the racing that I hinted at earlier? Seeing as I enjoyed last years Jurby Endurance race so much aboard the GSX-R750 Suzook I decided to give it another go this year. And once again, it provided a fitting finale to the season, and put a big smile on my face. The racing itself was great (even if we were 30bhp down on last year due to a spectacular engine failure on the F1 spec motor), and enhanced by the fact that Scotty and James were out there on James’ Mille. Sadly we were scuppered from the off as we’d mistakenly fitted a qualifying tyre. This meant that the 15 minute practise session was an absolute riot, but by the end of the race the rear tyre had melted into a comedy device used for scaring 400 riders on the way out of the corners. I can honestly, hand on heart, say that I was deliberately leaving black lines on the way out of the corners just for fun. This is in no way attributable to any kind of talent on my part – but the combination of a molten rear tyre and the sublimely suspended Suzook made it easy enough for even a nobber like me.

The post race celebrations will probably long be remembered in The Iron Pier. And by the neighbours, who I think were on the verge of calling the police when they noticed the three reprobates scaling the fences to get onto the pier itself. Um, it wasn’t me. Some big boys did it and ran away.

2013 Postscript: I dug up this photo, taken in The Iron Pier:
That was at the start of the evening. You can extrapolate from there how things went downhill.

And, just to make life perfect, I’ve been invited back by Keith next year to have another crack. Only this time the engine will have been sorted by a certain Anthony ‘Slick’ Bass, the chap that used to build Carl Fogarty’s WSB winning motors. We’re confidently predicting 150bhp at the back wheel. Let’s just hope we can find a tyre that lasts more than 15 minutes.

As far as the supermoto race goes, well, I’ve had a longstanding offer from good mate and friend to the superstars Dave Lippett for a ride on his mental KTM670 motard whenever I fancied it. So, I’ve picked a date (8th Dec at Brands Hatch) and decided to have a crack at supermoto racing. I fully expect there to be another long gap in the diary shortly afterwards as the broken ankle heals.