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Paradise Lost? 1 January, 2003

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Saturday, 11th January

Well, it’s finally happened. I’ve sold the TZ. Right at the moment I’m primarily very, very happy about this, ‘cos it means I can pay off some debts and maybe even save enough for a pair of tyres for next season. And, more importantly, the bike has gone to a splendidly nice chap, which I’m very happy about. It would have broken my heart to see it go to a track-day hero and never raced again.

And, for the first time in three years, this means I’m no longer a GP rider. Looking pragmatically at it, I can firstly say that I’ve achieved one of my ambitions, and secondly that I’ve raced one of the most potent bikes available to the amateur club racer. So now it’s time to try and find another ambition… I’ve decided that chasing glory in the higher echelons of the GP classes is quite simply out of my reach. So, I guess my next ambition will have to be a race win in the TZR class. I mean, I’ve had a 2nd place, so it can’t be all that difficult…

Oh, and I suppose ambition #2 will have to be to get my leathers cleaned at some point. They really are exceptionally manky after 5 years.


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