A day can be a long time

Monday, 21st February

Well, time has been flying, and a great deal has been happening on the racing front. Firstly, the bike has been stripped, cleaned, and put back together again. At the same time we did a proper job on getting the Yosh CDI and loom fitted nicely, and we’ve made a start on getting the bodywork adapted to be removed and refitted in a hurry.

We also had a bit of a spending spree, buying spare wheels, some nice clip-ons, and a few other bits and bobs. However, one rather exciting development stands out: Back in about November time there was a rumour doing the rounds that the usual 8hr race at Snett was to be extended to be a full 24hr round. We all sat around, a bit glum at the fact that there’s no way we could afford to compete. However, a bit of inspired blagging by Scotty, and we now have a sponsor to cover the vast majority of the cost of this round. Check out http://www.rwlprint.com and go and buy something from them. They’ve made me very happy indeed.

Of course, this means I have to get fit. Not just the bare minimum level of fitness for bike racing that I have at the moment. Properly, seriously fit. A 24hr race will test me like I’ve never been tested before. And so, my diet has changed radically from kebabs and beer to brown rice, quinoa, and fresh water. I’m playing rugby to help leg strength. I’ve enrolled at the local gym to work on upper body strength and stamina.

I’m more excited about this race than I have been since my first race back in 1997. And probably slightly more nervous. I wake up in the morning, thinking “what have I done?” and then trying to imagine what it’s going to feel like when we finish. ‘cos we’re going to finish. After the battle to get on the grid we’re going to finish even if we have to fit pedals to get the bike around.