Dammit, I had a feeling this might happen

So, what’s this? A new blog category? Yup. And sadly it looks like it may end up costing me a fair bit of money over the coming months and hopefully, years. If you read back through my previous few blog entries, you’ll notice that a few months ago, I decided that I needed to shift a few spare kgs in order to help my climbing. And it should be apparent from last months post that this is exactly what has happened. I shifted about three kgs by cycling around The Fens, and generally improved my fitness. Good. So what’s the problem?

Well, I kind of started to enjoy the cycling for it’s own sake. And I started to time myself, which was a bad move, as I started to look for ways to lose a few seconds here and there, without spending money. And I got to the point where my ~10km lunchtime ride had progressed to ~18.5kms on a daily basis, with longer rides at weekends when I had the time. All of which was, of course, a Very Good Thing, looking at it pragmatically. I was fitter than I’d been for a long time, and I was getting out in the fresh air every day. And then I broke one of my pedals, and needed to go into my local bike shop to buy a new set. To be honest, I couldn’t complain about this too much – my bike was a freebie from Freecycle a few years back, and really should have been scrapped years ago. I didn’t really think about this until I spent 30 mins in the shop, and decided that I really would like to get something a bit better, and possibly ride in some local time trials later in the year. The bike shop couldn’t have been more helpful if they’d tried, with good advice, and test rides on some very expensive and highly nickable bicycles. And so, here I am, about to wander back to the shop and place an order for a shiny new bicycle of my own. I’ve joined the local cycling club so I can get a feel for how time trials work, and whether I’ll be a hopeless old todger. And I get to buy some new lycra, which is the best thing of all.