I’m sitting here, looking out of the window, desperate to go outside and do something involving climbing or cycling, but unable to do so. There are several reasons for this, including being mentally busy at work, the weather not being great, and basically, being knackered. I think that I’ve been overdoing it a bit recently, and earlier this week, I just ran out of steam, and decided to take a couple of weeks off of cycling and climbing, and instead concentrate on getting lots of rest and eating well. This is great for about two days, but here I am on the third day of my self-imposed exile, and I’m suffering cabin-fever.

So, to cheer myself up, I’ve been hatching plans. For climbing, this is easy. Next year I want to go back to the Gorges de la Jonte and climb L’arête ouest with Sol. That’s it. That’s my major plan. Of course, I also want to get back to Portland/Swanage, and another couple of days up at The Roaches would be nice. But as far as plans go, they are secondary to heading back to la Jonte. If I get this done early in the year, I’ll then have to make new plans, possibly involving Wreckers Slab, where I can scare myself silly and probably never climb again.

For cycling, it’s a bit more complicated. I want to do a few more sportive rides, and am tentatively thinking of a 250km day. But these are just ideas, not really plans. I had planned to ride L’Étape du Tour but by the time I’d worked out how much it would cost, the idea lost it’s appeal. I can spend a long weekend in la Jonte for considerably less, so that’s exactly what I’ll do. In fact, the only firm plan I have at the moment regarding cycling is that I need to fix a wobbly wheel on my bike. There are several options I could take here:

  1. Buy the tools, and learn to do it myself.
  2. Take it to my local bikeshop, and let them do it.
  3. Invest in a new wheelset. Not as extravagant as it sounds, as the wheels are one area where costs were kept down on my bike, and there are some good deals around at the moment on mid-range wheelsets.
  4. Buy a handmade titanium frame and build up a new bike around it.

On the face of it, anything but option 4 could be considered the best thing to do. Which probably explains why I’m about to arrange a test ride on one of these. I’ve got a few days holiday left to take before the end of the year, and travelling half-way across the country to potentially spend a ruinous amount on a bicycle seems like a good use of time and money. If nothing else it will give me something to do while I nail all the bits together.