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Eddy Merckx. Not a Goth. 11 January, 2011

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As mentioned in my last post, one of the few remaining tasks I had left to complete on this build was the taping of the handlebars. And I also mentioned that they were to be black, in fitting with the theme of everything else on the bike being either black or silver. And me being a tired old goth who thinks that black still looks cool. However, a mail from Drew, including the words “…Eddy Merckx only ever rode with white tape…” had me thinking. Firstly whether he was a goth, but more importantly, whether I could get away with white tape on the bike. So, firstly, compare and contrast:

Eddy Merckx

Eddy Merckx

A goth, yesterday

A goth, yesterday

Well, I think that clears that up quite nicely. And so to the taping of the handlebars. As I’ve already written in Another Place, what a complete cow’s arse of a job. I’m not very good at this kind of thing at the best of times (I’m much better with a torque wrench and set of calipers than anything involving style. Function over form, every time for me) but I rolled up my sleeves, and got stuck in. And it took a few goes to get it acceptably right, and here’s the result:

I’m reasonably chuffed with the way that’s turned out. It’s not perfect, and to be honest, I have a feeling that at some point I’ll strip the tape off and have another go, but for now, that will be just fine for the shakedown rides. And it feels supremely comfortable compared to the rather thin tape that I have on my current bike, so that’s also a good thing. But what about the colour? Well, I’m coming round to it actually. I’m certainly glad that I tried the white tape on there, as it seems to make the front end look somehow lighter than if it were all black. And besides, if it’s good enough for Eddy, it’s good enough for me. Although I still think he could do with a haircut.

The only other thing of any interest to show at the moment is the delicious little Ti bolt holding on the cable guide. This was originally destined to hold the bottle cage on, but it fits perfectly into this new role, and so that’s where it’s staying for now. As you can see from these two photos, the cables are now all complete, and I’ve adjusted them as best I can for now. The only thing left to do is to snip the excess cable, fit the ferrules, and fit the chain. Hopefully these things should happen tomorrow, and then I can go out and crash the thing.


2 Responses to “Eddy Merckx. Not a Goth.”

  1. nr Says:

    Worth mentioning before anyone else does – I know the cable isn’t slotted into the guide correctly in that photo!


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