Concerning The Taxman, and My Bottom

I should think that, if you asked the population to put the words “taxman” and “my arse” in a single sentence, 99.9% would come up with something expressing the sentiment that the taxman should be kissing somewhere that the sun doesn’t see very often.

However. Here in public, my bottom would like to thank the taxman. Specifically, for giving me a tax rebate that was just about enough to cover the cost of a nice new titanium seatpost. OK, in the grand scheme of things I know that it was really my money all along, and the taxman was only looking after it for me, but still, it was a nice little surprise. So, I dropped a note to Drew, and sure enough, the next day the postman delivered a very suspicious looking package. Sadly I wasn’t in at the time, so my neighbour had the pleasure of being asked to take a parcel that couldn’t have looked worse had it had “Anne Summers eighteen inch twelve speed enormo dildo mega thruster” stamped on the side of it. I made a point of saying “Ah, that’ll be my new seatpost!” as it was handed over the garden fence. Thanks Chris 🙂

Fitting it was of course simple, and today, I went for a reasonably long (60 odd km) ride on bumpy Fenland roads. And it was *so* much nicer to ride than the disgusting lump of alloy that I had in there before. And, just as important, it looks beautiful. So much so that I’m no longer embarrassed to have any close-up photos taken. Not that I have any yet, but I will do.

The ride was beautiful. The first warmish day of the year, sunny, with Sol, Tom and Dave for company. We reeled off the miles chatting away, having the odd little sprint every now and then to liven things up, and taking turns at the front into the headwind when necessary. I was pretty chuffed when we got back to Sol’s to check my computer, and realise that we’d averaged over 28km/h for the ride. I was similarly chuffed to realise that my local Chinese is doing an “all you can eat” buffet on Saturday evenings. Although I think that next time I turn up on the doorstep, they may ask me if I’ve been on a long bike ride. Six starters, three rounds of crispy duck and pancakes, and two main courses. I think I got good value for money.

I skipped the ice cream.


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