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Sorry 10 May, 2012

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OK, it’s my fault. I mentioned Spring, and it’s rained every bloody day since. I take full responsibility for this, and will find out who is to blame (c) Gordon Brown.

Looking at things positively, erm, well, it’s not looking good. On the climbing front, I’ve achieved remarkably little, mainly due to the bloody awful weather. A nice morning spent at a climbing centre in Stockport with Foz was good fun, and I look forward to heading back there when I can. As far as cycling goes, I broke my road bike (to be fair, Sram are looking into the failure as a warranty issue) and flattened my thumb with a lump hammer trying to get the seatpost out of my mountain bike. And then fell off the bloody thing.

Safe to say that enthusiasm is not particularly high at the moment.


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