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The Great ZXR BHP Sweepstake 30 September, 2013

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I’ve just dropped the ZXR off with the marvellous Spike at Cambridge motorcycles to get the carbs set up and shims checked, and generally make sure that it’s not going to blow up any time soon. As part of this, of course, I’ll get some dyno readouts. So, the great ZXR BHP sweepstake begins. How many horses will have escaped over the past 25 years? Kawasaki quoted something like 105bhp when they were new, which was probably measured at the crank. The rules for this sweepstake are simple. Whoever gets closest to the BHP at the wheel, before we make any changes to anything, wins. Entries so far:

Jase Da Race 1
Paul P 43
Handsome Johnny G 55
Adamanda 70
Big Uncle James 73
Mike E 74ish
Glenn 74.3
Wobblin’ Mayhem 75
AndyJD 77
Bruce 78 with a big hole
Auntie Soup 79.5
Feefs 80
Druid 81
Scotty 83
Alex F 84
Ironman Andy 86
Fizzy 88
Foz 89
Mike N 90
Andy B 91
Sol 92
Champ 93

And the results are…

95bhp. At the wheel. Job done. Cheers Spike.


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