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Gis a job 1 November, 1999

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Friday, 12th November

Spent the majority of the day at Addenbrookes hospital getting my wrist checked out. Luckily, it’s all OK. Good news.

Monday, 15th November

Arse. I’m being made redundant. I suppose that this may well have a bearing on my plans for next years racing. I’ve already cancelled the plans for the bemsee moped race I wanted to enter with Jason and Mark. Still, as me mate Jim Titchmarsh says, fuck it. I’ve still got me bike. With this in mind, here’s the rounds of the bemsee championship next year:

Round Date Venue
1 4-Mar-2000 Lydden
2 5-Mar-2000 Brands Hatch
3 1-Apr-2000 Snetterton
4 23-Apr-2000 Brands Hatch
5 24-Apr-2000 Brands Hatch
6 6-May-2000 Cadwell
7 7-May-2000 Cadwell
8 28-May-2000 Brands Hatch (GP)
9 29-May-2000 Brands Hatch (GP)
10 10-Jun-2000 Oulton
11 17-Jun-2000 Snetterton
12 15-Jul-2000 Lydden
13 16-Jul-2000 Lydden
14 23-Jul-2000 Mallory
15 12-Aug-2000 Cadwell
16 19-Aug-2000 Snetterton
17 2-Sep-2000 Brands Hatch
18 8-Oct-2000 Brands Hatch
19 22-Oct-2000 Silverstone

Several things spring to mind here:

  • No France
  • Loads of Brands Hatch
  • Several consecutive weekends, making preperation very hard
  • Two rounds on consecutive days at different tracks

I have to say, the season doesn’t look as good as this years one was. But, only time will tell. At the moment due to finances I’m only planning to race the TZR Tour rounds anyway, and these look like taking place at the rounds highlighted.


Monday, 20th December

Once again, another large hole has appeared in this diary, which needs talking about. The main reason has been my search for gainful employment taking up at least 90% of my time recently. Secondly, you’ll have noticed the new, updated format of these pages. (And not before time).

But in amongst all this tedium and drudgery, a rather exciting development has occurred. I’ve sold my TZRs (nearly, anyway) and replaced them with Roger Ford’s old TZ250. The bare bones of the deal so far is that I sell all my TZR bits to Taymar Racing and pick up a well sorted TZ with spares. To say I’m chuffed is a monumental understatement. I’ve always fantasised about racing a GP250, now I’m going to get the chance. I’m under no illusions as to how hard the transition will be, and to this end I’m ramping up my winter fitness programme so at least I’ll be able to stay on the thing for a full race.

I’ll be sad to leave the TZR class, as it’s been a brilliant couple of years, and I still think the class provides some of the best, closest and most competitive racing you could wish for. I’ll continue to run the TZR Tour though, and maintain the position of TZR class co-ordinator for bemsee.

It looks like 2000 will be a very, very exciting year. But, before I turn a wheel, I’d best tot up and see how much 1999 has cost me:

Suspension spares £160
Bemsee membership £15
KRC membership £13
ACU license £22
Brands Hatch entry About £80 or so.
Lydden entry £65
Moped race entry £40
Fuel £13
Paints etc. About £85
Wiring stuff £25
Wheel coating £75 (for three)
Race numbers £1.25
Snetterton entry £120
Oil £60
Wheel bearings £36
3Com Palm III £130
Knee sliders £25
Brake pads £30
Tools £13
Tyres £200
‘blade bits £400
KRC Snett entry £150
BMCRC Snett entry £120
Fuel £20
Entry fees £945
Stopwatch software for Palm III £6
Fuel £30
Generator £300
Tyre warmers £100
Fuel £35
Plugs £10
Boots £130
Oulton practise £70
Garage £30
Fuel £20
New lid and exhaust welding £200
New gearbox sprockets £17
Brake pads £37
Bits & bobs £10
Trailer £150
Fuel £25
Tyre £112
Gearbox oil £4
Fuel £20
Brake pads £25
Pistons & gaskets £120
Yamabond £15
Sold spare wheels £-70
Crossing £30
Fuel £45
Practise £25
Head gasket £10
Brake fluid £5
Gear lever £2
Fuel £100 for van and bike
Steering damper £40
Total £4496

It seems that I stopped counting somewhere around August for some reason, so there’ll be a few more quid to go on there. Also notice the complete lack of expenditure on tyres. I brought three all season, and had one given to me as a wedding present.


Thursday, 23rd December

The end of an era. My TZRs were lovingly loaded into a van, driven to Taymars and exchanged for 30 pieces of silver… Actually, that’s not strictly true. I got quite a good deal on them, which is quite involved and therefore buggers up this years running total as soon as it’s started. Anyway, I’ll guess at:

Cost so far:
TZR sale: £-2000

I now have a large space in the garage, which looks very, very odd. I may well take this opportunity to have a good clear out while there’s room.


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